Thursday, 7 February 2008

some entirely unrelated recipes

being vegan is so easy. i'm going to put up some dead quick and delicious recipes here cos i might get a bunch together and do a zine with accompanying illustrations. focusing on the QUICK side though, because every vegan cookbook i have each dish takes a year to make. 

-garlic salt
-sweet chili dipping sauce (this is the best thing ever invented)
-veg oil

this takes about two minutes. put the toast in. fry the mushrooms in the oil. then arrange them in this very specific order in the sandwich. bread. then mushrooms. then garlic salt. then lettuce. then the chili sauce. then the other bit of toast. incredible. also you can exchange the mushrooms for vegan sausages (linda mcartneys are vegan! and really cheap!) or tofu or whatever you want really. go wild. 

-tofu (firm, ideally not silken but its cheaper so still works)
-sweet chili sauce (seriously)
-soy sauce

i basically do this every time i have tofu. cut the tofu into like one inch squares or rectangles or if you like massive squares. get a tupperware container and whack some soy sauce and chili sauce and honey in the bottom. lay the tofu out. put another lot of soy, chili and honey on. you can build up the layers if theres a bunch of tofu going in the pan. also i hardly ever have honey and honey in itself is a vegan issue so if you don't eat honey its perfectly fine without. i mostly only use soy and chili sauce. you can use a white wine vinegar if you are posh. just try stuff and see if its nice. 

so yeah, put a really small amount of veg sauce in the pan and fry each side of the tofu til it goes golden brown and a bit crispy. then flip it over (if its siken tofu be dead careful cos it will just crumble) and do the other side. serve with rice or as part of a stir fry or with peppers in a wrap or just about in any dish ever. a good one is fry up some sprouts with it and have on rice. delicious. 

-gravy granules
-stuffing mix

this is basically well easy and an amazing way to get rid of all your veg if its about to go off. also its amazing if there's a bunch of you to get involved. we make this in halls on sundays to make us feel like adults. and its really easy to make it vegan. basically chop up the mushrooms and onion and carrot and sweetcorn or whatever veg you have and whack it in casserole dish or similar. then make a pastry using the flour and a little bit of veg oil and roll it out til its big enough to cover the top of the dish. do the gravy (standard bisto is vegan, not sure about the chicken ones, somerfield own isnt, jsut check the label) and whack it in the dish. you should try and get it stacked full of veg cos then it won't be too liguidy once its done. put that in for maybe 25 minutes or so til its done. at about 200/220 or something. do the stuffing and whack that in for 20 minutes. smash isn't vegan but if you boil a potato then mash it its nicer and entirely vegan so you're chillin. serve with extra gravy and maybe boil up some brocolli and carrot if they aren't in the pie. you could go totally mental and spread some Pure (soya butter) over some parsnips and roast them AS WELL. they take about 40 mins though so get em in before the pie. eat until you feel like you need to go to sleep.

thats probably enough for now. any suggestions give me a shout. i love food. 


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