Wednesday, 30 April 2008

quick update, not really done much of late, trying to write an essay which isn't going amazingly well. here's a poster i drew for my friend catherines birthday. i said i'd make her a poster years ago but only just did it. yep

here's the zine i put out for the zine symposium. got about 4 left of the 20 if anyone wants one.

Monday, 21 April 2008

bad times

This weekend I entered this competition Up Against It where the best response to the brief 'closer than you think' gets put ON THE SIDE OF A HOUSE IN DEPTFORD. Literally how rad would that have been? Amazing. 

Unfortunately, got an email this morning saying:

Dear Peter Willis,

This is just a short note to inform you that your design has been reviewed and
will not be included in the competition. We have rejected your work because :

We feel that this will be a negative image to represent a vibrant community.

Gutting. Here it is though. On a computer and not a HOUSE;

Friday, 18 April 2008


yo. here's the flyer i did for the Bonsai Kittens last ever gig. you should definitely go. also the new Last Hours is out and it's maybe the best issue yet. so so good. has a radical illustration theme which obviously is very relevant to me but its still awesome. heres how my drawings look in the actual thing. exciting.

working on the zine for the symposium aswell as finishing off stuff for the group project. quite excited about this zine. its not going to be amazing but i think it'll be nice. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

an interval

right. will definitely have something i've actually drawn to upload tomorrow. finished the 2nd Bonsai Kittens flyer today and have been working on a zine for the symposium. probably won't put those drawings up though, you'll have to wait and spend the dosh. instead here's some photos and videos i've been diggin'

this is a Chanel gravestone. amazing.

this dude has the worlds biggest collection of super soakers. i spent ages looking for the one i used to have (it had a turny handle on the front so you could soak everyone with a simple movement of the wrist) and i cant see it. gutted on him.

robert rauschenberg talking about his work 'erased de kooning drawing'. nuts.

iron maiden 'the trooper' in hand farts!

really awesome unofficial video for tv on the radio

really ace documentary featuring cocorosie, devendra banhart, antony, vashti bunyan, etc. beautiful

the drummer from this band Braindrill. grindcore sucks but this is insane. i dont know the band at all but i read about how they broke up recently and it was a hilarious story so try and find that somewhere.

black metal shreds.

trailer for this film billy the kid. nog showed it recently but i wasnt in london. it looks amazing.

oh also the club i documented over christmas put the pictures off my blog on their website. haha, i have gone up in the world. its here in the gallery section. see if you can find a photo of my dad on that site also.

Friday, 4 April 2008

new things

here's some things i've drawn the past couple days. infact this is everything i've drawn the past two days. the first is a flyer for my friend sarah's band. they are splitting up and doing a short tour of 4 final shows. i'm doing another for the final final gig so i'll post that when its done. the theme was 'the final countdown' asin the amazing song/album by Europe. i copied the font and promo photo of the band straight from the album because i already had it on cassette. i do not care if you judge me.

second is something i did for a zine i'm trying to do for the london zine symposium. it's not going very well at the moment. above is all i have so far. need to get going. basically though i just started at the top corner and worked through. took me quite awhile. also it's obvious who i've ripped off but whatever. i havent done anything like it before and it passed the time. 

last one started out as robert mugabe but soon crumbled into what it is now. whoops. oh well. show the good with the bad eh?

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

start today

one of the tasks in our group project was to chose our 7 favourite track 7's. you can read mine on the group blog, its probably already changed loads. anyway, another of the tasks was to illustrate the seventh of these track sevens in seven minutes. i forgot about the seven minutes bit until i'd finished this, which took surpsingly longer than seven minutes, but here it is anyway. been getting well into collage/cut outs lately. the song is START TODAY by GORILLA BISCUITS. and i chose to ignore all of the lyrics. maybe the best song ever written though so get on it. 

donald trump and the planets

not updated in awhile. been doing a little bit of work but its all been shit. here's a piece im submitting to this massive group exhibition that should be taking place in leeds in the summer and london in september ish. its called Donald Trump and the Planets and all the work is based around one or both of these things. celebs and that are involved; metronomy, scout niblett, johnny foreigner, etc. not sent it off yet so hopefully i will and it'll be in it. that'd be rad for real.