Thursday, 21 August 2008

countess bathory

i was going to do a zine about different people i think are interesting. gaeten dugas (or whatever his name is), simha rotem, biggie smalls, nico, pauline campbell. one of the people was Countess Bathory, a romanian (i think) countess who, allegedly, used to bathe in her maids blood in order to stay young. shes the reason the band Bathory are called bathory. no one really knows it was true but she was definitely done for murdering a bunch of her servants but because she was so high up the aristocracy all she got was like house arrest or something. anyway, her story is pretty mental, and i made this based on it. its not very good but its summer so it doesnt really matter.

biggie smalls

drew notorious b.i.g on a bit of cardboard. it's all good babay babayy

more sketchbook scans



here's another piece i did. using very cheap pens from the pound shop i drew the Camberwell Crest onto some reciepts from shops in the butterfly walk shopping arcade. it was then hung in a frame i bought at the charity shop next door. on the reciepts it says who served you so i wrote their names on it as well thanking them for supplying me with stuff in the 9 months i spent frequenting butterfly walk. it wasnt meant to be patronising but i think it probably comes across that way. oh well. the show was sort of all about the community and that so i guess thats where it came from. yep.

work from Best Before exhibition

here, finally, are some of the bits i did for our first year show BEST BEFORE. the show ran for 3 days at 2 shop spaces opposite a 99p Stores in butterfly walk camberwell. we based all the work we created on objects we bought from the 99p shop and used materials we bought there. i bought this manchester united poster kit, where you got the outlines and a set of paints so you could paint the players shirts etc yourself. using pound pens i instead changed the footballers into satanic amputee metal fans, skeletons, zombies, tattooed punk fans and henry the 8th.

Friday, 8 August 2008

notebook scans

i made a zine about my trip to india

if you want one drop me an email; or comment here.
50p or trade baby