Saturday, 22 November 2008

Popular Culture

here's the zine I did for Zine Swap and then also sold at Handmade & Bound. its #3 of No Fate But What We Make, the series of zines i've been shitting out this year. i've got some left I think, they'll be on dead trees and dye when i finally get round to updating it. theys 50p

more zines

I also put my Eeeee Eee Eeee images into a zine aswell. got a few of these left if you really want one. they are one pound i believe. 

Listen to Aaliyah

some postcards I made for the Handmade & Bound zine/book art fair. i've got loads, just let me know if you want any 

Monday, 17 November 2008

Donald Trump & the Planets

In the summer I had some drawings in a group exhibition at the 42 New Briggate Gallery in Leeds called Donald Trump and the Planets. I couldn't make it as it was the same week as the photography exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall but Roman Alaska (who curated it) have put up photos so I can finally see what it looked like! Looks like it was awesome, i'm abit gutted I didn't bother going. They had a big cardboard cashpoint with a guy sat inside dishing out handwritten advice slips. Other rad cats featured were; Zeroten, Isabelle Benoit, Neil K Andrews, people from Metronomy and loads of other rad dudes. check out the rest of the photos at the Roman Alaska myspace.
i did that grey landscape A4 one of planets with wigs.
i also did that owl drawing for the Roman Alaska bric-a-brac stall.
and they had one of my zines as well. i think i misunderstood because I only sent them one copy ha! oh well. i'm glad i was involved it looks like it was totally sick

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Series of 9 narrative illustrations

Rat Recs -da collab piece

oh and also for the show we all chipped in and made a collaborative piece for the behind the counter of the shop. they said they wanted sommat big for the back wall and none of us really work that epic so we all decided to work together.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Rat Records Exhibition

here is a flyer Chie made for our exhibition at Rat Records in Camberwell. It's on for a month and is still up so go check that shit out yeahhhh. I haven't got round to getting in there and taking up-close photo's of the work everyone did for it but needless to say it's full of rad stuff. Literally everyone stepped up and made really nice stuff for it. Get down yeah. also you can buy stuff if you are currently sailing atop the wave of recession-based financial advice in a ship called "I don't give a shit!"

Here are some snaps from putting the show up and the private view;

Eeeee Eee Eeee A1 Drawing

here's a shit image of a semi-shit drawing. we had to contain the entirety of our chose novel (Eeeee Eee Eeee by Tao Lin) in one A1 sized image. here is mine. some bits are alright, other bits aren't. been trying to step up a notch in regards to colour and general effort involved, like trying to make entire images rather than just fragments or black pen on white paper.

Friday, 7 November 2008

a very brief and tired update

right, been very busy and have a wealth of visuals to put up on here but until then, here is a brief run down on what is going on, what has happened and what i'll put up here over the next few weeks (hopefully)

+ finished the project  based on the book Eeeee Eee Eeee. made an A1 piece that shows the entire story and finished with a series of nine narrative illustrations. will post both in due time. 

+ the jungle club including myself put up a show at Rat Records in Camberwell that is still up and runs for a month. It took us two whole days to hang and we made a collaborative piece on bits of wood for behind the counter. Please go and check it out. I'll post up photo's from the exhibition and private view when I have a chance. 

+ the kids playground mural, in the Samuel Lewis estate in Camberwell is in progress. The walls were all primed what seems like forever ago and this week we have, weather permitting (and ruining), been painting it proper. Will post up some photo's of that at some point though I've not got many. Hopefully by the end of sunday/sometime next week it'll be near completion so i'll do a proper entry then. 

+ Handmade & Bound zine fair is TOMORROW. Down Phoenix Road in Euston, please come along. We have been working pretty hard this week doing school in the morning, mural in the afternoon and making zines in the evening. We Jungle Club kids have a table selling loads of zines aswell as postcards, prints, posters, t-shirts and christmas cards. I've made some posters and zines and stuff so will post about them soonish, but come down and nab some sweet shit before it sells out. 12-6pm!

+ on a related note I did a zine for Zine Swap last week as well. it was a bit hectic. I finished and copied the zine friday afternoon after school, then worked all night on my Eeeee Eee Eeee drawings til saturday morning, went to Deptford Market with my friend Phil then had 3 hours kip before heading to Zine Swap. got some nice zines though so it was all worth it. and hopefully some people got and liked mine. will post more about that zine when i have a free minute. 

+ I think that's it. things coming up in the future are; Finishing the kids mural. Starting the other mural. new school projects and an exciting external project that could be pretty epic. soz for being slack, it's all very 'go'