Tuesday, 9 February 2010


hello. hopefully at some point i will be able to actually scan in some drawings to show but for now here is the only photo i can locate of any of my record covers project. this is a cover i did for black sabbath's master of reality. just handed in 50% of my degree so no access to work right now and also shitting myself. spent yesterday eating loads and watching star trek as a "break". life could be worse.
in other news me and sam had a table at the Lancashire Zine & Artists Book Fair. here we are looking pretty nerdy. it was a cool weekend for sure. half way through the coach journey my friend ross text me saying i was on Fecal Face! and lo and behold, when i managed to get on the internet there I was just underneath news that J.D Salinger had died.
you can check the full write up of my zine One-Nil if you follow this link. it's pretty crazy being on fecal face as i definitely remember around art foundation time being obsessed with the type of work thats often on there, and getting boards from our garage and doing really shitty paintings that i'd then throw out. definitely been a major influence over the years. so thanks trippe!
in other blog news, got an email yesterday saying i was on the twenty2wo blog. and there i am! thanks guys, check it out here
and to finish off, see who you can spot in this:
big up alex, cat & emma. hahaha