Friday, 30 October 2009

Lord Kitchener

Thursday, 29 October 2009

a face

if you know her don't tell her, bit weird.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

comics comics comics

After sending off my submission to Excessive Force, a Last Hours produced comics anthology (that looks great, will post info soon), and fresh from a talk at the ICA by Joe Sacco (I literally started that night!) I have been really interested in making actual proper comics. My comic in Excessive Force isn't really a comic as such, mostly vaguely representational drawings surrounded by explanatory text, with no panels. I really haven't done a comic comic in forever, and the feedback I've had for the panel-less way have been pretty positive. but whatever, here is the first of hopefully quite a few (at the moment i've done 2 and a half) 3-panel wordless comics about immigration. I am hoping to produce a little collection at some point highlighting the extreme circumstances people go through to get to this country, only to be beaten, patronised, incarcerated and often sent home. that is if they even make it.

I'd love some feedback as making comics is something I've been increasingly interested in of late and really have no idea about. hopefully this zine will be out in a few months, it'll be called "No one is illegal" and possibly a No Borders benefit.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


been doing a zine on football, will post up some drawings at some point. but for the moment here are some football related videos i have been looking at for research. nice.

Monday, 19 October 2009

alex kercher

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

more Zine Soup

Zine Soup is a 200 page book of international zine and art book artists published by TTC Gallery in Denmark. and my copy came today and it looks completely dope!

as you can see i have my own double page spread which is nuts. they asked me to send stuff in when i was still a naive first year, so the zines contained therein are pretty old, i remember taking the photos on my floor in halls which is why they aren't great, but hey, i am in a fucking coffee table book so whatever right. also because I sent them picture from some issues of Click, the collaborative artzine i did, inadvertently my photographer friends Owen Richards and Matt Freer both end up in there! Nice one!

and the back page has a few of my zine covers, all wok n rolls, which i have handily ringed for you to pick out. i am pretty excited, this makes me feel like im actually real, even though the stuff featured is fairly horrible in terms of my drawing. it was the best i had at the time though eh. but being featured next to dudes like Sumi Ink Club, Craig Atkinson, Jody Barton, Bongout, Holly Stevenson, etc is pretty mental.

if you have a spare €40 you can buy it from here; or else LCC library is trying to get one, or else come over and look at mine. awesome!