Tuesday, 13 October 2009

more Zine Soup

Zine Soup is a 200 page book of international zine and art book artists published by TTC Gallery in Denmark. and my copy came today and it looks completely dope!

as you can see i have my own double page spread which is nuts. they asked me to send stuff in when i was still a naive first year, so the zines contained therein are pretty old, i remember taking the photos on my floor in halls which is why they aren't great, but hey, i am in a fucking coffee table book so whatever right. also because I sent them picture from some issues of Click, the collaborative artzine i did, inadvertently my photographer friends Owen Richards and Matt Freer both end up in there! Nice one!

and the back page has a few of my zine covers, all wok n rolls, which i have handily ringed for you to pick out. i am pretty excited, this makes me feel like im actually real, even though the stuff featured is fairly horrible in terms of my drawing. it was the best i had at the time though eh. but being featured next to dudes like Sumi Ink Club, Craig Atkinson, Jody Barton, Bongout, Holly Stevenson, etc is pretty mental.

if you have a spare €40 you can buy it from here;http://ttcgallery.com/shop or else LCC library is trying to get one, or else come over and look at mine. awesome!

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