Sunday, 12 April 2009


some roughs i've done for accompanying illustrations to the short story Criminal by Isabelle Eberhardt. Been trying to get my head around both colour and paint with varying amounts of success. these are the most finished pieces ive got but ill scan in some of the rougher roughs which maybe have something else. keep your eyes open and your fingers in the comment box

Friday, 10 April 2009


some odd drawings from no projects in particular. i know that army guys got weird eyes by the way i was just going with the flow

penny dreadful

here are a select few pages from my 16 page mono-printed penny dreadful. not going to lie, was quite disappointed with the main bulk of work here. monoprint is a ballache and my drawing isnt all that. oh well.


here are some houses i drew for our external group project proposal/presentation. been loads of gnarly work going on for that but we've got a seperate internal blog for that biz so no point sticking it all up here aswell. keep your eyes open in may for the big reveal.
oh & also before you say it, yes if i could be/get married to monica canilao OBVIOUSLY I WOULD


here's some other potential characters for the penny dreadful biz. monoprints and pencil drawings. i think i've not scanned one or two so they might creep in later on.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

penny dreadful #1

the next project was to make a sixteen page booklet based on a folk tale based in and around London. here are some initial monoprints i did for mine which was about a mysterious figure who killed cats in the late nineties.

a zine about the sun

a zine about the sun and how far away it is from the earth. i like the last spread in particular. it should be mentioned that all of the facts for my project were culled from the book A Brief History of Time by my homeboy (cambridge reppin') Steven Hawking. it's a pretty gnarly book that will make your head hurt and perhaps make you have an existential crisis regarding your utter meaninglessness in the grand scheme of HOW EPIC THE UNIVERSE IS. stay posi

you are standing on this right now

posters about the earth and how it's real and you're on it right now reading this. head = exploded.
original and re-worked versions

more stars...

a stripped down version of the last post. where each star is an abstracted line. just an idea. again working with the format of a fold out booklet.


this was one of many fold-out posters intended to show the insane vastness of the universe. the first page depicts one star and is A5-sized, you then fold out to A4 which shows a galaxy built up of a hundred thousand million of said stars. then in theory you would fold out to A2 and see the hundred thousand million galaxies that we know exist.
however the task was extremely laborious and i didnt manage to finish any of the loads that i started. whack.


it's been ages i know, i've not had a scanner. i do now though for a whole week, so expect excessive updates from this term now passed.

FIRST PROJ, was FACT. the opposite of FICTION. here is a collage about stars.