Monday, 15 September 2008

Homeless Gallery

this weekend me and my friends danielle and owen participated in this rad exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall. basically anyone could show their work, you just had to sign up and then hang & invigilate the show yourselves. it was really good, here are 3 photo's i robbed off their site of my pillar and danielle hanging (thats my sister picking up one of my cards so don't think i'm trying to be a showoff)

and here are some photo's i took. they are all pretty bad, it was a dark space and flash was nuts. the space was actually awesome though.

danielle's work:

some rat poison just chilling out;
owen's work;
this guy had a slide projector set up projecting into a frame. they were really nice;
some close-ups of my display;

Sunday, 14 September 2008

a picture

was waiting til she actually got this before i put it on the net but i expect its arrived by now. here's a poster wot i drawn for my friend Kathleen. some explanation is probably needed. the Tinsley Towers, recently knocked down, represent Sheffield, where she took her degree in being awesome. the rest is because she just got her wrist broken by the police. hence the limp wrists (she ain't edge i just enjoy x-ing everyone up) and the Doom rip-off. Doom being one of the best anarcho bands to come out of the UK who put out a 7 inch called Police Bastard with that copper on the front. yep. 

photo's from the photography exhibition up tomorrow! (maybe)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

an interlude

i don't want to turn this entirely into a charity shop finds blog, but other than shit i've found around the shop there isn't really anything else to put on here. i am working on a poster for a friend though so expect that within the week. but for now, back to the chazza:
found these two photos in a box of donated books.
bought this tape because it's essentially this photo (which is signed on the back) and a gold sticker on the tape that reads 'BIG TIM LANE. Comedy and Songs'. who wouldn't take the chance for 25p? its essentially a collection of your standard irish, scottish and welsh jokes (i imagine it'll move on to the queers & blacks with due time, there's already been hints) as well as masturbation and married life. not worth the money.
ripped this cover off a bin-bound book because... well LOOK AT IT. if only books still had covers like this.

talking of books, here's another gem i saved from the bin this week. i cannot wait to read it: