Thursday, 20 March 2008

last hours #2

here's the other one. it's for a group review of the latest releases from Household Name Records. i need to get better at not spending ages and ages doing a drawing that will end up being tiny in the final thing. i like the detail and it's been okay this time because i've had a few days to just focus on doing this so i guess it's chill for now. this: plus this:
plus this;
plus this:
equals this:
should be out around the 14th of April. there's a launch party at the cross kings in kings cross (eh) that Fall of Efrafa and Attack! Vipers! are playing which will literally shred so hard. 

check out: 
Last Hours Website

Last Hours Illustrations

back home but had to knock out a few illustrations this week for a zine a bunch of my friends do called Last Hours for their CD review section. haven't really had the time to sit down and work them out start to finish so i did the different bits and then whacked them together on the computer. don't really dig doing this but it's been good fun actually. so this:
plus this:
 equals this:

Friday, 14 March 2008

videos and current work.

not posted anything up here because we're currently involved in a group project and have therefore been uploading work to a group blog. you can have a nosey at that if you head over to;

to tide you over though here's what i've been watching on youtube this week;

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

body suit/costume malarky

following in from identifying our primary needs, we had a couple weeks to create a full body suit that enabled us to obtain our needs easier. basically to re-design ourselves. here's me in mine looking amazing. 

thats a massive mouth with teeth for eating loads and talking words. thats books sewn to my hands cos i love language. thats some dirt on my feet with tomatos and herbs and stuff growing in them so i can grow my own food on my feet. the shirt is representative of systems and patterns and all that malarky. there you go. 

zines zines zines

here is a fox i drew for a zine me and my friends jess and phil started making on sunday. that's all. 
also check out my friend sams blog, it's ridiculous;