Tuesday, 19 January 2010

the frontroom

the sweetsheets over at The Frontroom blogged about my new zine! how lovely of them, if you ever find yourself in cambridge (hometown), i highly recommend heading to their little gallery as it's great. Tinhead has a show there right now so check them out.


Thursday, 7 January 2010

a rough update.

Hello hello, this has been neglected of late, but here is a quick run down of exciting things happening;
  • One Nil is out and available and finished, you can view proper pages from it on Dead Trees & Dye, just follow pete willis illustration and its the top link. You can even buy it via paypal!
  • So far it is stocked at Lik & Neon on Slater Street off Brick Lane, but I will be posting a more comprehensive list of outlets when I can.
  • You can also buy it and look at images on Arcademi
  • And it will be featured in a great new exhibition The Art of Zines, at the Anno Domini galler in San Jose, California. So go check that out in Feb if you are local. I will be showing One Nil and my Great Anarchists zine.

Otherwise though I have been working hard on schoolwork, currently doing record covers for Master of Reality by Black Sabbath. I have about a week left so hopefully I can post some images soonish. Just need to get to a proper scanner or camera. Also done a couple Soul Control sleeves on the side so will post them too.

Also I've been asked to take part in a zine workshop day and fayre coming up at Westminster Kingsway college. I think its the 3rd of Feb but I am not too sure. Also I'm not sure if non-students can attend but hopefully I will have some more info soon. Imagine me talking to people about making zines? It's really really easy, you just do it. Viva la zine.

oh and also a few years ago one of my zines, Click #3 (i think), was featured in a zine exhibition by Nieves which took place in Stuttgart and I think a few other places. I had no idea until I saw my name on the Nieves site haha! Anyway, the zine was a collab between a bunch of amazing people I know so heads up to them too. here is a picture.
you can see ours bottom right-ish

Anyway, thanks for looking at my blog, its been a crazy few months and isn't stopping any time soon (keep an eye out for zine covers, contributions, comics and a whole bunch of school work), but please if anyone can help me with some money or a job that would be great. Times are tough!who wouldn't hire this!? p.s-i screened that shirt.