Saturday, 27 March 2010


meet alexis. alexis was the son of one of russia's tsars later ousted by the bolshevik revolution. i'm going to be posting some more sketchbook stuff up here in an attempt to actually post drawings. doing a project about Makhno's Insurrectionary Anarchist Army of Ukraine but proper finished pieces are coming along slowly. but expect them soon, as well as a re-print of Great Anarchists with new colour cover, and a show at Wah Nails which opens April 1st.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

just us.

i have been accepted to be part of this years just us design collective, which is a collective of graphic design and illustration students whose roster changes each year. pretty exciting! me and jordan chatwin are as far as i know the only camberwell dudes representing. expect to see a portfolio page on their new 2010 website soon, i'm sure i'll post it when its up. rad.

Monday, 1 March 2010

makhno rules. trotsky sux.

here's a drawing for the go red charity auction. ill post the blog at some point, but right now its down, so keep your eyes open. i got this really great book of horrible slick nineties poses and faces from a charity shop and am going wild using it for face reference right now. so good.

here are some 7" single covers for songs on the master of reality album by the masters themselves, black sabbath. ltr,ttb: after forever, solitude, children of the grave, sweet leaf, embryo and into the void.

and here's a non-folded cover for Soul Control's Involution album. just needed a break from all the sabbath worship. i like it though. it should be mentioned i think that i only made covers for the sabbath album and this one because i dont have the original sleeves. so they are pretty much just for my collection than anything else. obvs the 7" covers arent but school is school. thanks