Monday, 21 December 2009

it's finally here!

i finally got 500 copies of my new zine One-Nil through the post! proper details to follow, i will update the website with it properly when i get a chance. it's £3 though, ill try and set up some sort of paypal thing but just give me a shout. dope!

xmas cards.

here are some of the christmas cards i made. they are all gone though because i didn't make very many. happy holidays!!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

christmas fairs.

sorry for the big break in uploads, been a bit hectic end of year, etc. where did 2009 go? woahhhh. anyway, we are scrambling together bits and pieces to raise money for our external degree show so me and the rest of the fundraising gang have been very busy producing stuff and putting on fairs. above is the poster for our very successful (if i dont say so myself) christmas fair at college. i did the title lettering, chie miyazaki did the drawing and jordan chatwin did the other text and put it all together. thanks to everyone who came and bought prints, cards, zines, cakes, anything. it's greatly appreciated.

and here is the j-dog sipping on some mulled wine at a stall we had at the brick lane christmas market on saturday. we spent a couple days going crazy making canvas bags and t-shirts especially for it. i'll post up some of the bits I made later on, i made some christmas cards, a new zine called 'Post Coital Notes' which i've actually left in london so will have to scan at a later date, a couple of bags and a couple of t-shirts. nothing crazy. i'll keep you posted. x

Saturday, 14 November 2009

It's Nice That

As if enough stuff hasn't been happening lately, this week while in the midst of the LCC Occupation my good friend Owen text me telling me to check out It's Nice That. And lo and behold there I was! Insane. Big thanks to Bart for guest blogging about me. These past few weeks have been mental.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


If you find yourselves in a Borders or Magma or general arty-newsagents around Soho (or indeed Paris or New York) then please have a peruse through the latest edition of Ponytail magazine. Maybe don't buy it, cos it's a tenner (it's up to you), but please have a flick and check out the article Illustration Now in which I am featured alongside Laura Mardon. As you can see from the below pictures there are some of my anarchist drawings, aswell as a full page piece I did especially and on the other spread is a small bio about me and my oil refinery drawing (see previous post for it straight outta my sketchbook). This is all very exciting isn't it! All I need now is to get paid for a drawing and I'll feel like a real illustrator!

Excessive Force

Here it is! The awesome comic anthology to kick off the birth of the Last Hours publishing wing. Excessive Force brings together a collection of international comics artists united under one theme 'police everywhere, justice nowhere'. And alongside Stephanie McMillan, Ken Dahl, Scott Smith, Edd Baldry and Jimi Gherkin, is yours truly, with a short 2-page comic about the Sack Parliament protest in there you go, copies are available for £7 through me ( or from Last Hours

Great Anarchists

I finished this zine over the summer but have had trouble getting it printed, etc and now have my head in a bunch of other projects but it is out there in the real world I promise. There are about 70 or so floating about, you can get one from me ( or from Hausmans in kings cross, or from Last Hours. Also to save me putting up all the pages here you can have a look at the full thing on my website; just follow through to illustration then its the top link, great anarchists. also featured in Ponytail this month but I will get to that shortly!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

makhno mark 2

i haven't already posted this have i?

what can i say, never get bored of drawing makhno. this was for a bit of research for a project i'm doing next year about the ukraine revolution and bolshevik backlash.

expect updates soon about;
excessive force and how awesome it is (my first published comic)
this football zine and what a pain it is (someone please give me money)
zine fairs and how rad they are (4 in 2 weeks? okay)
immigration comics and how confusing they are (i.e-i'm not very good at comics)
black sabbath covers and how nonexistant they are (i.e-i havent started yet)
until then......

Friday, 30 October 2009

Lord Kitchener

Thursday, 29 October 2009

a face

if you know her don't tell her, bit weird.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

comics comics comics

After sending off my submission to Excessive Force, a Last Hours produced comics anthology (that looks great, will post info soon), and fresh from a talk at the ICA by Joe Sacco (I literally started that night!) I have been really interested in making actual proper comics. My comic in Excessive Force isn't really a comic as such, mostly vaguely representational drawings surrounded by explanatory text, with no panels. I really haven't done a comic comic in forever, and the feedback I've had for the panel-less way have been pretty positive. but whatever, here is the first of hopefully quite a few (at the moment i've done 2 and a half) 3-panel wordless comics about immigration. I am hoping to produce a little collection at some point highlighting the extreme circumstances people go through to get to this country, only to be beaten, patronised, incarcerated and often sent home. that is if they even make it.

I'd love some feedback as making comics is something I've been increasingly interested in of late and really have no idea about. hopefully this zine will be out in a few months, it'll be called "No one is illegal" and possibly a No Borders benefit.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


been doing a zine on football, will post up some drawings at some point. but for the moment here are some football related videos i have been looking at for research. nice.

Monday, 19 October 2009

alex kercher

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

more Zine Soup

Zine Soup is a 200 page book of international zine and art book artists published by TTC Gallery in Denmark. and my copy came today and it looks completely dope!

as you can see i have my own double page spread which is nuts. they asked me to send stuff in when i was still a naive first year, so the zines contained therein are pretty old, i remember taking the photos on my floor in halls which is why they aren't great, but hey, i am in a fucking coffee table book so whatever right. also because I sent them picture from some issues of Click, the collaborative artzine i did, inadvertently my photographer friends Owen Richards and Matt Freer both end up in there! Nice one!

and the back page has a few of my zine covers, all wok n rolls, which i have handily ringed for you to pick out. i am pretty excited, this makes me feel like im actually real, even though the stuff featured is fairly horrible in terms of my drawing. it was the best i had at the time though eh. but being featured next to dudes like Sumi Ink Club, Craig Atkinson, Jody Barton, Bongout, Holly Stevenson, etc is pretty mental.

if you have a spare €40 you can buy it from here; or else LCC library is trying to get one, or else come over and look at mine. awesome!

Friday, 11 September 2009


i tend to hesitate when announcing big exciting things on here like being asked to do something for a magazine or something i'm working on mainly because there is a tendency that as soon as you tell people you jinx the whole thing and end up dissapointed when nothing happens. this happened recently with getting a zine published but i managed to avoid it in this instance, amazing Danish gallery TTC asked me over a year ago to submit some of my zines for a book they were doing about the international artzine scene. naturally it was delayed and i sort of forgot abit about it, thinking it had gone the way of a lot of projects, until i got the email earlier in the week saying it was ready to be shipped to my door!! amazing! I'M IN A FUCKING BOOK. 

not only that, a book that looks wildly good. check out some of the photos and have a gander at the TTC website where you can get a copy for a special introductory price of €30. be quick, only a thousand made. i am on page 162 according to this photo, expect another update when i can hold it in my hands. so dope.

Monday, 27 July 2009

sketchbook shit

a few sketchbook bits. i've also just done a new zine so i'll put that up on here possibly tomorrow. rad, hopefully should be more stuff up now i'm back in the flow of things

Sunday, 12 April 2009


some roughs i've done for accompanying illustrations to the short story Criminal by Isabelle Eberhardt. Been trying to get my head around both colour and paint with varying amounts of success. these are the most finished pieces ive got but ill scan in some of the rougher roughs which maybe have something else. keep your eyes open and your fingers in the comment box

Friday, 10 April 2009


some odd drawings from no projects in particular. i know that army guys got weird eyes by the way i was just going with the flow

penny dreadful

here are a select few pages from my 16 page mono-printed penny dreadful. not going to lie, was quite disappointed with the main bulk of work here. monoprint is a ballache and my drawing isnt all that. oh well.


here are some houses i drew for our external group project proposal/presentation. been loads of gnarly work going on for that but we've got a seperate internal blog for that biz so no point sticking it all up here aswell. keep your eyes open in may for the big reveal.
oh & also before you say it, yes if i could be/get married to monica canilao OBVIOUSLY I WOULD


here's some other potential characters for the penny dreadful biz. monoprints and pencil drawings. i think i've not scanned one or two so they might creep in later on.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

penny dreadful #1

the next project was to make a sixteen page booklet based on a folk tale based in and around London. here are some initial monoprints i did for mine which was about a mysterious figure who killed cats in the late nineties.

a zine about the sun

a zine about the sun and how far away it is from the earth. i like the last spread in particular. it should be mentioned that all of the facts for my project were culled from the book A Brief History of Time by my homeboy (cambridge reppin') Steven Hawking. it's a pretty gnarly book that will make your head hurt and perhaps make you have an existential crisis regarding your utter meaninglessness in the grand scheme of HOW EPIC THE UNIVERSE IS. stay posi