Tuesday, 15 December 2009

christmas fairs.

sorry for the big break in uploads, been a bit hectic end of year, etc. where did 2009 go? woahhhh. anyway, we are scrambling together bits and pieces to raise money for our external degree show so me and the rest of the fundraising gang have been very busy producing stuff and putting on fairs. above is the poster for our very successful (if i dont say so myself) christmas fair at college. i did the title lettering, chie miyazaki did the drawing and jordan chatwin did the other text and put it all together. thanks to everyone who came and bought prints, cards, zines, cakes, anything. it's greatly appreciated.

and here is the j-dog sipping on some mulled wine at a stall we had at the brick lane christmas market on saturday. we spent a couple days going crazy making canvas bags and t-shirts especially for it. i'll post up some of the bits I made later on, i made some christmas cards, a new zine called 'Post Coital Notes' which i've actually left in london so will have to scan at a later date, a couple of bags and a couple of t-shirts. nothing crazy. i'll keep you posted. x

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kbrookes said...

how did it all goooo??? x