Friday, 11 September 2009


i tend to hesitate when announcing big exciting things on here like being asked to do something for a magazine or something i'm working on mainly because there is a tendency that as soon as you tell people you jinx the whole thing and end up dissapointed when nothing happens. this happened recently with getting a zine published but i managed to avoid it in this instance, amazing Danish gallery TTC asked me over a year ago to submit some of my zines for a book they were doing about the international artzine scene. naturally it was delayed and i sort of forgot abit about it, thinking it had gone the way of a lot of projects, until i got the email earlier in the week saying it was ready to be shipped to my door!! amazing! I'M IN A FUCKING BOOK. 

not only that, a book that looks wildly good. check out some of the photos and have a gander at the TTC website where you can get a copy for a special introductory price of €30. be quick, only a thousand made. i am on page 162 according to this photo, expect another update when i can hold it in my hands. so dope.

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