Wednesday, 3 September 2008

an interlude

i don't want to turn this entirely into a charity shop finds blog, but other than shit i've found around the shop there isn't really anything else to put on here. i am working on a poster for a friend though so expect that within the week. but for now, back to the chazza:
found these two photos in a box of donated books.
bought this tape because it's essentially this photo (which is signed on the back) and a gold sticker on the tape that reads 'BIG TIM LANE. Comedy and Songs'. who wouldn't take the chance for 25p? its essentially a collection of your standard irish, scottish and welsh jokes (i imagine it'll move on to the queers & blacks with due time, there's already been hints) as well as masturbation and married life. not worth the money.
ripped this cover off a bin-bound book because... well LOOK AT IT. if only books still had covers like this.

talking of books, here's another gem i saved from the bin this week. i cannot wait to read it:

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