Monday, 17 November 2008

Donald Trump & the Planets

In the summer I had some drawings in a group exhibition at the 42 New Briggate Gallery in Leeds called Donald Trump and the Planets. I couldn't make it as it was the same week as the photography exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall but Roman Alaska (who curated it) have put up photos so I can finally see what it looked like! Looks like it was awesome, i'm abit gutted I didn't bother going. They had a big cardboard cashpoint with a guy sat inside dishing out handwritten advice slips. Other rad cats featured were; Zeroten, Isabelle Benoit, Neil K Andrews, people from Metronomy and loads of other rad dudes. check out the rest of the photos at the Roman Alaska myspace.
i did that grey landscape A4 one of planets with wigs.
i also did that owl drawing for the Roman Alaska bric-a-brac stall.
and they had one of my zines as well. i think i misunderstood because I only sent them one copy ha! oh well. i'm glad i was involved it looks like it was totally sick


misremembered said...
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andrew key said...

i originally said 'that jumper is sick peter' and then realised that you might not have done it. i am really just confused so i thought i'd publicly lampoon myself on your blog. hope that's ok x

pete willis said...

haha, yeah that jumper is really nice but no i didnt make it unfortunately. its all good though, at least now it looks like loads of people comment on my blog