Wednesday, 9 April 2008

an interval

right. will definitely have something i've actually drawn to upload tomorrow. finished the 2nd Bonsai Kittens flyer today and have been working on a zine for the symposium. probably won't put those drawings up though, you'll have to wait and spend the dosh. instead here's some photos and videos i've been diggin'

this is a Chanel gravestone. amazing.

this dude has the worlds biggest collection of super soakers. i spent ages looking for the one i used to have (it had a turny handle on the front so you could soak everyone with a simple movement of the wrist) and i cant see it. gutted on him.

robert rauschenberg talking about his work 'erased de kooning drawing'. nuts.

iron maiden 'the trooper' in hand farts!

really awesome unofficial video for tv on the radio

really ace documentary featuring cocorosie, devendra banhart, antony, vashti bunyan, etc. beautiful

the drummer from this band Braindrill. grindcore sucks but this is insane. i dont know the band at all but i read about how they broke up recently and it was a hilarious story so try and find that somewhere.

black metal shreds.

trailer for this film billy the kid. nog showed it recently but i wasnt in london. it looks amazing.

oh also the club i documented over christmas put the pictures off my blog on their website. haha, i have gone up in the world. its here in the gallery section. see if you can find a photo of my dad on that site also.

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