Friday, 4 April 2008

new things

here's some things i've drawn the past couple days. infact this is everything i've drawn the past two days. the first is a flyer for my friend sarah's band. they are splitting up and doing a short tour of 4 final shows. i'm doing another for the final final gig so i'll post that when its done. the theme was 'the final countdown' asin the amazing song/album by Europe. i copied the font and promo photo of the band straight from the album because i already had it on cassette. i do not care if you judge me.

second is something i did for a zine i'm trying to do for the london zine symposium. it's not going very well at the moment. above is all i have so far. need to get going. basically though i just started at the top corner and worked through. took me quite awhile. also it's obvious who i've ripped off but whatever. i havent done anything like it before and it passed the time. 

last one started out as robert mugabe but soon crumbled into what it is now. whoops. oh well. show the good with the bad eh?

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