Monday, 4 February 2008

sign project

this is the final poster for the sign project. the brief was to select from a list of informational texts that were taken from posters and re-design it without the text. the one i chose was "Our Helpers; soldier, navyman, farmer, police, doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse". so i tried to represent each of these professions who 'help us' using my kit of different papers. in the end i narrowed this down entirely to an old scottish mapbook and graph paper. i did quite a few different versions playing with the composition but i like the symmetry of the final design. it was useful to look into colour a little bit because i know literally nothing about colour theory and to be honest never use it. at first i just picked the red because it made the graph paper stand out better but then someone said it worked because of the connotations of warning or something, so i'm going to make out that was deliberate. 

again this was a nice project because it made me experiment with collage and using methods and, like colour, things im not normally comfortable using. i think it paid off though and was worth doing rather than just doing black and white line-drawings of everything using the same pen i always do. yep 

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