Monday, 25 February 2008

primary needs

here are some drawings i did for our last project. the plan was to try and isolate our primary needs. the things that are most important to our survival and wellbeing. i found it ridiculously hard but in the end boiled it down to;


images above are some i did of food and for the brief period i thought i couldn't live without the postal service. i wanted to do something about food because since going vegan it takes up an insane amount of my thinking time and seems to have started to effect virtually everything i do or buy, etc. language i guess is a pretty self explanitory one, the need to share and learn and communicate and connect and literally everything are all done through language or some kind. systems is a roundabout term that basically means universality and patterns of some sort. ive been reading this book about chaos and starting to learn about things like bifurcation is blowing my mind abit. the patterns that form. bit of a vague one because i don't even get it at the moment but its one of those things i recognise as important but cant really explain why. good.

also, see how i've used coloured pencils. OOOOOHHHH

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