Monday, 4 February 2008

object project.

one of our tasks was to collect 20 related objects. i chose to photocopy page 20 from 20 different books. it was quite interesting to see how plot formulas had been adhered to or ignored and how much of a sense of a book you can get from one page quite early on in the book. we then had to use our objects and create a new piece of work with them. i decided to make another book out of mine and arranged the pages into certain pairs that i thought worked well together. the first one i've posted here is a page from Double Duce by Aaron Cometbus and the A-Z. i just liked the juxtaposition of the word Changes and a map of london. obviously moving to london has been quite a change in my life. the next page i've posted is a blank page from Dubliners by James Joyce and Chaos by James Gleick. i quite like the nothingness coupled with chaos. i could go into that but can't really be bothered here. i'm abit obsessed with chaos theory so its probably for the best. the next page is Elvis and Raised by Wolves by Jim Goldberg. 

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