Monday, 4 February 2008

caberet project

for our Caberet project we had to choose a fairytale or story and produce a performance to tell it. our group chose a moral fable called 'the frog and the buffalo'. one of the preparatory tasks for this was to create a 32 page sequence depicting the story and the characters. i started to do this but it sort of turned into me just trying out different ways of drawing frogs and buffalos. above are some scans from a little sketchbook i did them in. in the end we all wore frogs heads and made a set of reeds out of cardboard then played the story out using an overhead projector and acetate frogs. this project was quite nice in that it was our first real group project and different people had to take on different tasks but also make sure these fit into the whole aesthetic so the piece worked together. 

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mattenmurg said...

Good to see that Fira Palace paper hasn't gone to waste.

You're frog work is improving greatly. Draw some more frogs, hop to it!