Monday, 4 February 2008

sign project - editorial

using our kits we had to make a series of images that could be used to accompany an editorial we could choose (out of a possible 3). this wasn't my final submitted piece but i think it shows a good in-between in how i developed the idea. the article was a point of view piece published in Adbusters that spoke of the knock-on effects of peoples actions and in a metaphorical way used the author as the single source for things like police brutality, neo-colonialism and drug and alcohol abuse. i used my kit to make this image around the idea that all these things were coming from the one person. also i thought the megaphone worked well because the piece got angrier and more fanatical as it went on. in the end though i developed it out more and had the different elements and problems overlapping and running into each other. i definitely had more trouble with the editorial piece than the sign, but it was a good exercise, especially in that it allowed me to use paper cut-outs and collage which i'd never really done before. 

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