Friday, 29 February 2008

Needles and Pens group show

went to the opening of an amazing group show at 96 Gillespie last night. Needles and Pens is an amazing zine shop/art & crafts shop/gallery space in san francisco. they've taken over the gallery to show the work of a bunch of amazing artists coming out of the surrounding area who've had exhibitions at the shop recently. it's really good so i recommend you check it out. Monica Canilao, Mike Brodie (the polaroid kidd), Mat o'Brien, Chris Duncan, Bill Daniel, Paul Urich and quite a few others. Monica Canilao is definitely one of my favourite artists at the moment. she is unreal.
pretty sure it runs for awhile so get down. also they've put out a hand done book ltd to 200 so get involved. lovely. couldn't find any images on the internet of mat o'briens work but he's got a book out called hug the grey which is awesome. you can get it from the gallery for about a tenner. 

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