Monday, 4 February 2008

olympic project

for our mammoth Olympic project we had to complete ten briefs in the space of about 2 weeks. one of which was to buy a newspaper and illustrate a story from each page. i chose the South London Press. the front cover had a story covering 3 shootings in south london so i decided to draw 3 guns. the inside pages i've shown are stories about a local film crew and a memorial to a girl called Celita. the main twist of the project was that while we were illustrating stories and articles we weren't allowed to use words. a maximum of three per page should we need to. this was a really interesting point because it moved the drawings away from editorial and accompanying pieces to having to get across the entire story in one image. i tended to isolate one factor of each story and draw that to give a sense of what could be contained in it. i'm not sure how much content you could guess from my drawings but i like the way they look and it was a good exercise in getting across content without using words. 

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