Tuesday, 15 March 2011


hi hi, sorry for lack of updates. had a full time job for a bit so did zero drawings but now have plenty to update with once i get my act together. but first, urgent announcement:

come to this on thursday if you can, or at some point before it shuts. edfeay are ex-camberwell cats and have been working with Hato Press to get 24 illustrators/designers to make a poster or zine to be created and printed in 24 hours. and the resulting products will be onsale here. I made a really basic A3 print about the SS Exodus - the first ship taking zionist refugees to palestine to try to instate Israel. I'd post a pic but i havent seen it yet so expect that soon.

In other news sent off a very exciting and paid and REAL illustration job just the other day. thats all the teasing you're getting til it comes out in print. I also did this ages ago for Tropical Waste

other stuff I will write about soon in full: my zines were on sale in Amsterdam at the 'It's a Fanzine, Dummy' fair, VERSAILLES was rad - i will scan and post my drawing soon but you can have a peek at the blog here, you can buy some of my shit from the Czech Republic if you visit Textextext_ - they'll have more One Nil at some point. Great Anarchists was reviewed in Maximum Rocknroll which was rad, i'm in the Go Red thing who's website is finally online though my submission looks abit shit but you can see it here, and the zine symposium is coming along nicely - my plan right now unfeasible as it may be is one comic and 3 zines ready by then, err...lol?


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