Sunday, 8 August 2010


This is pointless as it ended today but my zine One Nil was part of the Paper Exchange exhibition at the To & For gallery in Holloway. I couldn't even manage to go so feeling super shit about it, but I've heard from friends that it was rad, there's info about the gallery here: To and For Gallery

BUT this weekend 13th, 14th and 15th I'm in an exhibition at The Outside World gallery, 44 Redchurch Street, Bethnal Green, E2 7DP. It's called TAKE AWAY and all the work is displayed in pizza boxes. I think. There's no website or anything but it should be good?

AND ALSO on Monday the 16th I'm in another rad show called SNAKES at the former alliance gallery on sumner road in Peckham. here's the event on facey & here's a logo:

featuring work by; Rosie Carr, Ele Cockerill, Ellen Cummins, Ian Daniell, Charlie Froud, Jermaine Gallacher, Murray O'Grady, Lily Keal, Will Kemp, Sean Kirwin, Robyn Minogue, Matilda Moors, Rosie Ridgway, Hannah Stearn, Debbie Stone, Lucia Quevedo, Emily Vickery, Mark Walker and me. It'll be good.

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