Wednesday, 16 January 2008

stuart white did this drawing. its nice. 

no new drawings or anything just yet but went down to the japanese embassy today (see here if you're not aware of what's going on at the minute; ) so might do some drawings of boards or whales to keep me occupied. and i bought a nice blue pen today.

but, to tide you over, here is the website of Stuart White, who came to talk to us today. he is and was wicked. i thought i recognised some of his work but it wasn't until later i realised he's one of the contributors to Cafe Royal #1 which is sitting behind me right now. so check him out, really nice stuff and really refreshing way of approaching stuff.


pete willis said...

just to let you know i meant boats not boards. i dont know either

HozzaOaks said...

I can't see the picture. Is it the one with the pencils on feet?