Saturday, 4 October 2008

semi update

yo, moved to new cross ain't i. second year now ain't i. shit. 

basically loads is going on but none of it at the moment is manifested in actual drawings (well they are but i haven't the time to scan it all in). got lots of stuff for school to do and post as well as;

2 big massive flippin' murals us jungle cats are doing in camberwell, which is going to be mega. will keep you posted on that. 

zines loads of zines and a few more zines. 

some stuff for mental fax. when i get my arse in gear. 

plus other school/non-school stuff. plus attempts to get some photos from the donald trump exhibition and whats going on with that zine book by TTC, etc. blah blah blah whatever.

here's some youtube to tide you over/distract you from reality;

oh and also, one of the illustrations i did for Last Hours is now on their website. i think the print zine is slowing down and the website is coming more to the forefront so check it all out. the bottoms cut off so you should probs buy the actual zine to have a proper look: LAST HOURS - LEMURIA REVIEW

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