Friday, 9 May 2008


i get abit paranoid when things aren't mega finalised that if i get all excited about it and tell people they'll all end up not materialising and i'll look like a berk. which is why before i didn't mention that this dude Laurence who's setting up the donald trump and the planets exhibition asked if i could submit a copy of Wok N Roll #4 and the big owl drawing i did for Last Hours to be included in the other room at the exhibition. which is pretty rad. sent all the stuff off today.

ALSO SEE ABOVE. 22nd of may, keep your diaries open. me and sammy (craven) are DJing at the redstar in camberwell. neither of us have djed before but we will play some absolute classics for real. here's the flyer sam did (i dun the lettering). exciting.

something else even MORE exciting in the pipeline, but will keep shh about that for now.

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